Friday, September 29, 2006

Sorting And Pricing Books

The first topic of discussion was led by a facilitator from Athens. This was a BEFORE sale activity.

  • Do you have printed sorting/pricing guidelines?
  • Are the prices different for sporadic sales as opposed to on-going sales?
  • Are prices different for things like almost new books/children's books/etc.?
  • Do you accept donations at all times or limit them to 2-4 weeks prior to your sale?
  • Do you limit your sale to just books or do you also include AV items, puzzles, used equipment, etc? Do you have a policy that limits what will be accepted initially or do you take everything and toss what you don't want?
  • Do you have special areas for things like new books/first editions/collectors items/etc?
  • Do you use a "regular crew" to do this work (on a regular work schedule) or is it just who shows up when there's work to do?
  • Do you devote a section of the sale for "free items" - preferably keeping that section outside the actual sale room?
  • How do you get items from drop-off places to sale locations?


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