Sunday, March 18, 2007


The Wisconsin Badger Basketball Team had a great run this year. Their 30 wins are unequaled at any time in the school's history. They were an extremely talented group of kids that were slated for greatness before the season began. Some even forecasted them to win the Big-Ten title. They came close! So congratulations to seniors Alando Tucker, Kamron Tayor, Jason Chappel. Best of luck to you guys in the future. Who knows if and when we'll see another 30 win season.
However, I've never seen a group of athletes who were so poorly prepared to play. Time after time this season they came out onto the floor with a listless attitude, very little intensity, and netted poor performance as a result. At some time during the game they would generally get fired up and stage a come from behind victory, much to their fans' delight. Their great native talents and abilities, superior to most of their opponents allowed them to stage these fantastic come backs.
I guess I have to ask, WHY? Why would a team of this caliber come out cold and flat, game after game after game? Was it the coaching? But, the staff has excellent credentials. Was it a question of this team's character? Did they expect to win every time they stepped on the floor because the AP and ESPN polls said they would? After a few shoddy performances like this why did the coaching staff not take steps to change the mentality? I'm sure it's tough to read the riot act to a team that is winning virtually every game they play, but there is still the "tough love" that a parent has to demonstrate when a good kid does something beneath him.

In any event, most of their games their opponents came to play. Generally, the Badgers did not, but their superior talent carried them to victory at the end. But today, with a trip to the Sweet Sixteen on the line, the Running Rebels of UNLV came prepared to give 100% effort, 100% intensity, for 100% of the minutes. We did not, and they kicked our butts!



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But the band was once again a winner. Especially a trombone player in the second row.

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