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The picture on this post is one of a young man who will undoubtedly draw a lot of attention at the Packer training camp as well as during the entire season. He is James Jones of San Jose State. Jones was drafted with the Packer's pick in the third round of the NFL draft. The Packers lost the Randy Moss derby when they refused to give up a fourth round pick to the Oakland Raiders. Thus, Ted Thompson, the Packer's general manager rates Jones as being of higher value than Moss. Brilliant move or Blunder? We should find out fairly soon.

In other notes ..... John Stocco, former University of Wisconsin quarterback, and MVP of the Capitol One bowl, is currently trying out with the Packers. Mark Zalewski, former University of Wisconsin middle linebacker and Wausau East graduate, has signed a free-agent contract with the New York Jets.



Blogger Mr. Magoo said...

Another way to look at this situation is to consider WHO the Packer's drafted with their Fourth Round pick, the pick they were unwilling to spend on Randy Moss.

This pick went for Allen Barbre, an offensive tackle from Missouri Southern. This is who Ted Thompson valued more than Moss.

Remember the name and compare performances in 2007. I say TRY to remember the name, because of existing players and others drafted, Barbre is unlikely to even make the Packer squad!

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Blogger Mr. Magoo said...

A further comment on the Moss situation.... Favre reported to the media Saturday night that the comments made by Ted Thompson about Moss's demands were not true. Favre said he had phoned the Green Bay front office and offered to give up part of HIS salary to meet the guarantees requested by Moss. Packer management apparently turned this down and continued to try to build the "team of the future" with un-tested rookies. Reports on Fox Sports today indicate that Favre has asked to be traded.

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