Friday, September 29, 2006


Minocqua Facillitator Continued:

  • How do people learn that the library would like to have their donations? Fliers handed out with each book check-out?
  • How/where/by what means do you advertise your sale event?
  • Does your Friends group include "marketing" as a regular item in your annual budget? As a flat amount or a percentage of sales or ??
  • Except for reporting on your sale revenue at Friends meetings and library board meeting, do you tell the general public how much money the sale made? Why? Why not?
  • Do you use any "come-on" tactics such as Book Bucks or pre-sales for members?
  • Do you offer Friends membership opportunities at your sales?
  • Do you advertise upcoming sales by tucking in a sheet with that information on it along with Friends membership application blanks mentioning that Friends members get to come to pre-sales or ??
  • Do you use any special techniques to sell groups ot items such as banding 6+ romance/Goosebumps? etc. titles together for a special price?
  • Do you make the effort to thank donors/newspapers for free ads/stores that let you put up posters/etc. for their various roles in making your sale a success?


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