Sunday, December 10, 2006


Bret Harte was an American author who lived from 1836 - 1902. Although born in New York he made his first mark on jounalism by editing and writing a newspaper called NORTHERN CALIFORNIAN . He wrote books such as A WARD OF THE GOLDEN GATE . In other words he wrote about the San Francisco area.

Today Brett Favre leads the Packers into the land of the San Francisco 49ers to attempt to put an end to the Pack's three-game losing streak. But are Wisconsin people going to be more interested in Brett Favre and San Francisco today or Bret Harte and San Francisco?

In today's Wausau Daily Herald, Deb Fecteau of the Marathon County Public Library reports that since the Packers started losing a lot of games, activity at the library has picked up on Sunday afternoons. She admitted that weather could be a factor or sheer coincidence. But in any event Packers losses seem to be generating increased activity in books!

So today, will your choice be BRET or BRETT ??


Blogger Mr. Magoo said...

I must confess that I wasn't reading a book between 3PM & 6PM. In watching the Packer victory I was convinced that Thompson made the wrong pick with our No. 1 selection. He had a choice of the linebacker or the tight end. This Vernon Davis that San Francisco got is an impact player. He blocks, he catches, he runs, he's strong. When the Packers were successful they had outstanding tight ends. I think Davis would really have helped the Packer offense. Hawk is good, but I can't believe that his absence would make our lousy defense much lousier. I believe Davis instead of Hawk would have resulted in more Packer victories this year and Favre eager to come back for another year.

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