Monday, December 04, 2006


The Friends of the Library group in Eau Claire have a simply great program. Each year they take some of the funds generated from their numerous book sales, along with other gifts and purchase new children's books to be distributed at Christmas time. Much of the community gets involved in the project as in 2005 it was a collaborative effort of the Friends of the Library, the Salvation Army, Borders books-Music-and Cafe', Eau Claire Memorial High School, Girl Scout Troup #254 of Lakeshore Elementary, and the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Association of Student Social Workers. These groups made it possible to purchase, collect and distribute the books.

In 2005 they collected nearly $3,000 and were able to purchase over 1,000 books in addition to the over 2,000 books that were donated. Many individuals and groups in the community donated books. Three first-graders from the Meadowview Elementary school adopted the project and collected books for the Friends to pass on.

Over a three-day period, 1,383 books were distributed at the Salvation Army. In addition to that, books were give to 10 other organizations in the community for distribution. The 2005 co-chairs, Joan Schnagl and Mary Sherman estimate that 50 volunteers gave nearly 200 hours of their time to make the project fly.

What a tremendous project! And the 2006 project is underway right now !! One of their focuses for this year is for books aimed at the newborn to age 2 crowd. Eau Claire must be very proud and appreciative of their Friends of the Library group and all who help them. Santa takes his hat off to you!!!


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