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A decade or so ago, one of my best friends who lives in Vermont introduced me to an institution called THE VERMONT COUNTRY STORE. It's a family business that's been around since 1946 that specializes in "practical and hard-to-find" items. Their catalogs are always fun to go through, but the Christmas edition is especially a treat. The catalog carries a wide variety of exotic candies and baked goods (many laced with rum, brandy or whiskey). There are a lot of "practical" clothes that you haven't seen in a catalog for 30 years. There are reproductions of family games, such as the original 1934 edition of Monopoly. But most interesting to me is their collection of books for the Holidays.

Where else can you find a boxed six-volume set of McGuffey's Readers; or The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus; a six-volume set of Nancy Drew mysteries; or The Uncle Wiggly Story Book; or how about a reprinting of a 1934 volume for your grandson called "How to Speak Politely - And Why"; or a complete collection of the Original Peter Rabbit Tales; or the 60th Anniversary Keepsake Collection of "The Little Golden Books".

You'll enjoy their website at


Blogger Phyllis said...

Years ago I saw one of Vermont County Storess catalogs and was fascinated by the variety of merchandise. It's just as amazing now as it was then.

8:17 PM  
Blogger Mr. Magoo said...

I bought a tin of hard candies for my wife's 90 year old Aunt. She loves that sort of thing, and the picture of the candy shows it to be like stuff I received when I was a little kid.


6:45 AM  

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