Monday, March 19, 2007


The SELVA VERDE LODGE is the third and final place my wife and I will be staying at during our visit to Costa Rica next week. We've been there before and have liked it very much. The Lodge is actually owned, in part, by Holbrook Travel, the firm who organized our adventure.

Selva Verde (pronouced Saylbah Bayrday in Spanish) is located on the Sarapiqui river. The river East of the Lodge is tranquil and we will be doing a boating tour on it. We have seen a myriad of wildlife including caiman on previous tours. The river West of the Lodge is very fast and rough, and white-water rafting is available. There is hiking available through a variety of terrains and many species of birds to be seen right there on Lodge property. I particularly like the Oropendola, which are a very large fruit-eating bird and found all over the Selva Verde property. They produce hanging sack-like nests similar to what the Baltimore Orioles do, but on a larger scale. You will never forget it's raucous cry, once you've heard it! There is also internet access at Selva Verde and I will be making blog postings and hopefully photograph postings as well from there. Check out the Lodge and it's facilities and surroundings at this web-site.........



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