Monday, May 14, 2007


Saturday, May 12th, Heather Eldred submitted her Letter of Resignation to the Wisconsin Valley Library Service - Board of Trustees, who were conducting their bi-monthly board meeting. At this point, she intends to leave sometime after Labor Day. The Board accepted her Letter with great reluctance and sadness.

Heather has been with WVLS for 35 years, serving as Director the last 24 years. During that time she has also held many state-wide offices such as President of WLA and VP of the WLA-Foundation. She is well loved and respected by the people who have worked for her and with her, both past and present. Heather has guided her ship through many storms and hazards during the last quarter-century of library growth and development in this state. She has built a strong organization that will be of great assistance to whomever follows in her footsteps as Director.

Heather Eldred has been a delight to be associated with. She has a great sense of humor, loves word play, and sports a new hat every month. Heather is a quiet lady, but of strong will and great tenacity. She manages with a velvet glove that covers the iron hand. Heather was the driving and guiding force behind the Northwoods Friends Conferences held in recent years. Her input transformed the concept of "Let's get Friends together to talk" into a viable conference that people from all around the state were eager to attend. We've all seen those people that spend a number of years "coasting" before they retire. This is definitely NOT the case with Heather. She is proceeding full-speed-ahead and I'm sure will continue to do so right up to the last day.

The WVLS Board President, Alice Sturzl will be organizing a committee to begin the search for a replacement. Alice has also been with WVLS for many years and also has a broad base of experience, having been WLA President herself. Whomever the successful candidate turns out to be, they will be very fortunate to be able to take over the strong, vibrant organization that Heather Eldred has built.

Hats off to you ..... Heather !!!



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