Friday, September 29, 2006

Book Dealers and Privileged Access to Books

Facilitated by a representative from Rhinelander:

Who gets pre-sale/privileged access to books?
  • Sorters? Pricers? Library staff? Book Dealers? Under what circumstances? Would allowing these type of pre-sales encourage at least some people to volunteer to help set the sale up?
  • Is there a pre-sale for Friends members/library staff members and trustees (whether Friends members or not)?
  • If you allow pre-sales to any specific groups, how do you identify individual members of that/those group's?
  • Can identified dealers have their own Friends memberships and take advantage of pre-sales?
  • Do you charge different rates for Friends membership for "regular people" as opposed to dealers/other businesses/etc.?
  • Does it really matter who buys materials or when they buy them if the purpose of the sale is to sell the items to raise money for the library?
  • Do you allow dealers to volunteer in any aspect of sale set-up?
  • Do you charge extra (double?) for items sold during pre-sales so that the "privileged" pay for the honor?
  • Might having too many rules against finding treasures while you're volunteering work against the project?


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