Sunday, October 15, 2006



I had a great trip to Mad-City to see Wisconsin rout Minnesota 48-12. P.J. Hill is a beast, John Stocco showed great precision, and one of my Wausau East kids caught a touchdown pass.

Going as a guest of a local doctor, I got to attend the Medical Alumni Tailgate Party at the Student Union South. This was much more sophisticated than most tailgate parties I've ever been to. The new head of the medical school, Dean Golden, showed his transition from being a Tarheel to becoming a Badger is coming along nicely, as he ate a bratwurst for breakfast!

The Wisconsin band gave a short pre-game concert outside the Student Union. I tried to find Ben Creagh, the son of a favorite former business associate of mine. Ben is a senior trombone player in the Badger band. But I failed to spot him before the band left for the stadium.

Wisconsin sincerely loves its outstanding band. New UW Chancellor John Wiley is at the focal point of a flap regarding some misconduct by a small number of members of the UW band on a trip to Michigan. When Wiley was introduced at half-time he was soundly booed, not only by the student section but also by adults in attendance. Interesting!

The Pat Richter/Barry Alvarez era has produced a level of excellence in athletics at UW in vitually all sports, male & female, that is unmatched at that fine school. Considering the ancient Greek tradition of the need for balance between activities of both the body and the mind, the University of Wisconsin serves us well.


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