Tuesday, December 26, 2006


As we navigate through this Holiday Season with at least some of us looking eagerly toward the "freshness" of a new year it seems that everyone and his brother has a blog. (Including me!) Some have said that 2007 will be the crest of the wave of blog activity. One of the new bloggers (after being relieved of his duties in the U.S. Congress) is Tom DeLay. He can be found at if you're interested.

I personally doubt that he is writing all of the content himself, but one interesting thought has shown up on his blog. His position is that Hillary Clinton will win the Democrat nomination for President with Barack Obama being nominated for Vice-President. He feels that this pair will win the 2008 election! His reasoning for their victory is that he feels the Internet will play a huge role in the outcome of the election and that not enough conservatives are spending much time on the Net. Interesting!!

With TIME magazine naming "YOU" as the Person-Of-The-Year for 2006 because of your involvement and influence on society through interactive media choices, Delay could be right!


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