Monday, March 19, 2007


Mark April 15th on your calendar. No...your taxes don't have to be in the mail on that day...its a Sunday, so you have an extra day to get started on doing that! April 15th is the day of the official celebration of the Marathon County Public Library's 100 Year Anniversary. That afternoon there will be all sorts of activities going on at the Library. The members of the Friends Board, the Foundation Board, and the Library Board will be acting as greeters and guides to show you around the library. Displays will range from the library of the past to the library of the future. There will be a trolley running to take you from your parking area to the library. There will be refreshments. There will be something of interest for everyone.
So, if you're in the area be sure to stop in. If you're not in the area....make a special will be worth it.



Blogger Phyllis said...

It's going to be quite a party!

From 1:30 - 4:00 MCPL will “Rock Into the Future” with Andy Z and the Spankin' Monkeys Band playing on the second floor. A dance instructor will be available to help those who are a bit shy about getting out on the floor.

The Golden Glow Quartet (barbershop singers) will be on first floor. Storybook characters will roam the building.

A skit presented by library staff briefly traces the history of the library. Be prepared to laugh!

WIFC be doing a remote broadcast. There will be storytelling, a silent basket auction and, of course, birthday cake.

Consider this your official invitation!

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