Monday, June 11, 2007


I have returned! My hand has healed fairly well from the Carpal Tunnel operation. The doc had said I should avoid any type of repetitive motions during the recovery period, so I have stayed away from the computer as much as possible. Much can be accomplished one-handed with the mouse when going through Email. You can hit the delete button just fine. Answering Emails one-handed is another story.

I've done a lot of reading the last three weeks, and I'll be passing on some observations on what I read. I attended an IFRT meeting in Madison last week (Intellectual Freedom Round Table). A very dynamic learned group. WLTA will be co-sponsoring with IFRT the Pre-Conference at WLA this year. They've lined up a fantastic speaker and I'll be relaying information about the program to you throughout the summer.

I'm also starting a new phase of my life. My wife retired on Friday after well over a quarter-century of teaching in the Wausau School District. I look forward to having a companion 24/7. Already my life is changing as we have begun our joint fitness program. Among other things she wants me in tip-top shape for our trip to China next Spring.

I will also be working to improve this blog, both from the aspect of content and technological features. Feel free to give me your suggestions for improvement.

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