Thursday, August 23, 2007


Well, I'm finally back to blogging again. I'm not sure if I had "blogging burn-out" or what. But I do know that my two month absence coincides with the first two months of my wife's retirement. She called an end to her teaching career in early June and we have been adjusting to our changed relationship where we are together 24/7, forever!
Obviously, we have spent many summers together in the past, but somehow or another this is different. A lot of the time has been spent at our cottage. But now that there is not that pressure to be at the cottage as much as possible before she has to go back to school, we've also been enjoying spending time at our home. We normally have not spent much summer-time at home.
We've also been doing a bit of traveling around the state, doing some camping, and YES visiting some libraries and Friends' Groups. I've been involved in a significant amount of library organization related activity this summer, and that will continue well into the fall (probably forever). There will be personal adjustments to be made in the sense that Wisconsin Valley Library Service will have a new Director, as Heather Eldred is retiring. Also, there will be a new Director at Marathon County Public Library as Mary Bethke is retiring. It seems like most of the really significant women in my life are all retiring about the same time!
As my wife and I have gotten adjusted to this new phase of our life, and have "re-packed our bags" so to speak, we've found that the way to approach "Forever" is by tackling it "one day at a time". It's manageable that way and downright exciting. Getting up each morning with a spirit of "wonder" as to what life has in store for you that day is awesome.
So far life has not had much blogging on the daily agenda, but that is going to change again. I may not post as often as I used to, I may not do quite as much searching for appropriate graphics, but I may also search out technological features that I never got to before. I will have to contact individuals personally to inform them that I'm back on, for I'm sure I've destroyed whatever reader base I previously had. But even if I'm just talking to myself for a while .... that's OK .... I can live with that.
HELLO (as I knock on my computer screen) IS THERE ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE? (knock...knock) I'M BACK!



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