Friday, September 29, 2006

Book Sale Leftovers

  • Facilitated by a representative from Marshfield
  • Book Sale Leftovers:
  • Do you keep everything that's left over to use in a different way? What different ways?
  • Do you make a deal with a local booksellers to cart whatever is leftover for a flat price? For free (just to get rid of the stuff)?
  • Do you haul them to a place like Goodwill or ?? (Maybe they would pick up leftovers?)
  • Rotate at least some of them into your on-going sales in the library lobby or ??
  • Put some on a "free cart" in the library (just to get rid of them)?
  • Donate some of them to places like hospitals (including Veteran's hospitals)/senior centers/nursing homes/find some to send them to in developing countries or devastated places like the Gulf coast or ??
  • Get the crafters in your area to make things out of used books like furniture, lamps, etc.?
  • Offer them to other libraries or other groups in the area to use in their own book sales?
  • Do you consider the bad publicity you could get if you just dump leftovers in the library garbage dumpsters and someone finds them and complains to the media about all the "good books" the library is tossing out?
  • Have a "free day" on the day after the sale to get rid of as much as you can before ....
  • Calling in the recyclers?


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