Thursday, August 23, 2007


One of the activities I've been engaging in this summer is having fun with my TRIUMPH TR-4A roadster. I bought this car new in October of 1966, 41 years ago! (I've had it longer than I've had my wife). I have yet to hit 29,ooo miles on it. Last year I only logged 288 miles before I put in back in storage, but this year is different. My wife and I have been racking up the miles and having a great time.
I've also been doing a bit of maintenance, thanks to parts from Moss Motors. The car is not restored. It is original ! The only basic things I have replaced have been tires, the top, and things such as windschield wipers, belts, plugs, etc. Actually, I still have the original tires, but I thought it not wise to be running around on 41 year old rubber. I'm having some muffler weld repair done in Minocqua today. I also need to replace the valve-cover gasket as I'm leaking some of that expensive Mobil One lubricant. But no big surprise really. British cars of that era always leak oil from some place.
I had always envisioned that my wife and I would travel around in this thing when we were both retired. Well, now we ARE both retired. It's time to begin! Now if only I could get my 1957 Jaguar running ..............

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