Friday, September 29, 2006

Other Fundraising Ideas

This subject was facilitated by a representative from Medford:

Other Ways for Friends Groups to MAKE MONEY:

  • Garden walks
  • Bus trips
  • In-house stores to sell basic supplies/used books/book bags/bookmarks/umbrellas/literacy-related gift items/gift items specifically related to your location etc.
  • Ask local businesses to designate special days where the business donates 2%-5% (or more?) of their sales for the day to the library
  • Silent Auctions
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Selling coffee, etc. in the library
  • On-line book sales
  • Sell T-shirts/book bags/etc.
  • Art exhibits with 25% or ?? of sales going to the Friends
  • Bingo parties
  • Road races
  • Flower bulb sales
  • Fashion shows
  • Read-a-thons with readers getting sponsors
  • Hold a "book hop" for teens at the local high school gym ...Friends could provide chaperones, pay for the DJ, treats, sodas, etc. and the cost to enter the dance should more than cover the costs thus raising $$ for the library.
  • Bridge tournaments where players pay an entry fee and compete for donated prizes.
  • Wine, beer, mustard tasting parties (maybe best held off-site in a restaurant or ??) Raffle off baskets containing some of the products being sampled with related things like corkscrews/crackers/cheese spreaders/ etc.


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