Monday, October 02, 2006


I would like to thank the 60 library supporters who participated in the September 30th Friends Conference in Rothschild. You were an active, vocal group who volunteered many good ideas and comments about how your library handled various problems and opportunities. I was totally impressed by the wide geographical base of the attendees. You ranged from Brookfield & Germantown up to Washburn; from La Crosse up to Land-O-Lakes; from Chippewa Falls over to Algoma & Door County. Tremendous!

I would also like to thank Heather Eldred and Marla Sepnafski of Wisconsin Valley Library Service. These ladies run one of the best library systems in the state. Heather was the primary "idea" person behind the conference. Marla was the person who did all the detail work behind the scenes. She did all the logistical, clerical, and financial operations that made the conference work. My hat is off to you ladies!

I'm a bit disappointed that there have not been any comments posted yet to this blog. Well, the weather has been great. Maybe when it starts to rain again you'll be driven indoors and on to your computers to check it out.

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