Friday, February 02, 2007


I just got the word that Brett is returning for at least one more year! There is a posting on the Packer website. I turned on the NFL Network channel and Steve Mariucci, who was once his quarterback coach was talking to Brett on his cell-phone, confirming the story.

Now that the issue is no longer in doubt the Packers can go to work on improving the quality of players surrounding him, so the team can return to a highly competitive level. The offensive line is young, but improved during the year, and was providing pretty good protection late in the season. There is much need for development and strength improvement but it's a good start. The Packers are the youngest team in pro football. If McCarthy can get the group in a continuous improvement mode, things could be looking up.

What Favre now needs is someone to throw to besides Donald Driver. The Pack really needs help at tight end. Bubba can no longer do the job. His backups have hands of stone. During his most successful years Brett had outstanding tight ends to throw to. It's part of the West Coast offensive scheme. I've even heard the rumor that Brett asked Ted Thompson to go after Randy Moss in order to have another good wide receiver to throw to. Moss is at the end of his contract with the Oakland Raiders.

Although polls have shown that about 25% of the fans would like to see Favre retire to his farm, I'm not one of them. I'm excited! Let's get this Super Bowl nonsense out of the way and begin thinking about Packer mini-camps starting in May!

Postscript: I just heard some conversation from the NFL network. One commentator asked, "Are there REALLY fans who wanted Favre to retire?" Mariucci replied, "Yes ..... most of them live in Chicago!"


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