Sunday, February 04, 2007


One of the side benefits of attending the WLA Convention last fall in Wisconsin Dells was an opportunity to take a trip to the International Crane Foundation's, National Headquarters in Baraboo. They put on an excellent program, outlining all the activities they are involved in to preserve crane populations throughout the world. Cranes of every species in existance were on display for us to admire.

A highlight in the tour was the staff talking about the work they do with ultra-lites helping young Whooping Cranes make their first fall migration to Florida. The Whooping Cranes are an endangered species, and ICF's work is helping them away from the brink of extinction.

All 18 of the Whooping Cranes led down to Florida this year were killed in the tornados that swept through Central Florida!


Blogger Mr. Magoo said...

Word has come that one of the 18 Whooping Cranes has survived. The body of juvenile number "615" was not found in the pen with the others. The Tracking Team later picked up a signal from her radio. She was later found with 2 Sandhill cranes in a relatively inaccessible area with good habitat.
So there was one bit of good news in a time of devastating news for people and animals alike. One just has to wonder about the carnage in resident species.

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